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Ending the Cycle: A new study could break one woman’s lifetime of addiction


A Miraculous Journey: David’s growth from frailest baby to fledgling baseball player

At 10 months old and weighing just 10 pounds, David was so weak and behind in development that he couldn’t even sit up. But now the bubbly 4-year-old is growing fast and thriving. In fact, the big Houston Astros fan is already swinging baseball bats, and he even has a mean left-handed pitch....

Food Addiction: What it is and what you can do about it

Chocolate, potato chips, French fries — many of us find it difficult to eat just a bite or two of a sweet or salty food. But at what point does eating unhealthy foods excessively actually become problematic?

Deep Brain Stimulation and Mental Health: Novel experimental therapy gives new hope to patients with treatment-resistant depression

An experimental treatment option now available for the first time in North America for people struggling with treatment-resistant depression has researchers optimistic....