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Head Games: Does “brain training” make us smarter?

The quest to improve our physical health is never-ending. To quote the old athletic adage, we all want in our own way to become bigger, faster, stronger, so that we can feel better and live longer. And though individual genetics and metabolisms make a level playing field impossible, the roadmap to success is still somewhat universal: Eat well, sleep well, exercise and excuse yourself from the table before the dessert tray drive-by. Follow these principles, and you’re likely to be about as healthy as you can be. ...

School Dazed: 12 ways to reset your children's clock (before the first day of school!)

After a full summer of abiding by their own slumber-wake rhythms, youngsters are suddenly yanked from bed to begin sleep-walking through the first weeks of school. There must be a better way....

ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorders 101

Robin*, mother of 6-year-old Jake*, felt almost as helpless as her son. "We went several years without a true diagnosis. It was very frustrating. He's really a very smart kid—he's just so trapped in his body."

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