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Ending the Cycle: A new study could break one woman’s lifetime of addiction


Sugar: The Scary Truth: Uncovering the facts about the sweet substance we love

At risk of being the Grinch who stole Halloween, perhaps we should rethink a holiday built around candy. ...

Food Addiction: What it is and what you can do about it

Chocolate, potato chips, French fries — many of us find it difficult to eat just a bite or two of a sweet or salty food. But at what point does eating unhealthy foods excessively actually become problematic?

Abuse and Misuse: The reality of prescriptions for an older population

Centuries ago, people with heart failure risked their lives by eating the deadly foxglove, a plant that contains the effective yet easily overdosed drug digoxin. Today, we dose digoxin precisely, yet medications remain a double-edged sword: helpful, yet dangerous and frequently misused, particularly in the elderly. As prescriptions grow ever more common, it becomes increasingly important to grapple with the downside of drugs in older people....

Social Distortion: Why technology etiquette is now more important than ever

What’s your technology pet peeve?