High levels of bad cholesterol are the main reason why heart attacks have become so common in today’s date and time. This does not build up out of the blue and nobody is born with it. It is accumulated in our body by the types of food that we eat. Watching what you eat and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep the cholesterol levels under check. So here are fifteen natural ways in which one can achieve this goal.

Ration Your Meats

Restrict your intake of meats, especially read meat like lamb, beef and pork. Try switching to the skin less white meats like fish and poultry which are easier to digest and contain nutrients that help lower cholesterol levels. Also treat meat as an accompaniment rather than the centre focus of every meal.

Fat Free Dairy

Cut out fat from dairy products by switching to the low fat variety. Choose low fat yoghurt over whole milk or cream products. It will not only up the pro-biotic quotient but also help weight management along with cholesterol.

No Unhealthy Fats

Eliminate poly saturated fats and trans-fats present in most over the counter snacks and bakery products. Choose home made snacks and fruits to cover for your cravings between meals.

Healthy Cooking Medium

When cooking with oil at home choose oils which are unsaturated. Thus avoid coconut oil and palm oils; instead choose from canola or olive oil which is the best unsaturated vegetable oils.

Egg Whites Only

Eggs have a very high source of cholesterol in its yolk. So if you want to eat them, replace the whole egg with two egg whites. The thumb rule is not to exceed 4 eggs yolks in a week.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are low in calorie content and high on fibre. So choose water soluble carbohydrates like oat bran and seasonal fruits. These will be light on your system and a very tasteful alternative to sweets.

High Fibre Meals

Green vegetables, legumes and fruits should form major portions of your entire meal in a day. In order to protect the heart these are your ultimate weapons. The amount of fibre content in this will help regulate the nutrient consumption in our body and keep a check on the fat absorption levels which are a source for cardiovascular complications too.

Omega Nuts

Eat nuts for an instant bout of energy and lots of unique nutrients. It is a good source of plant protein and even helps to keep hunger cravings at bay. Walnuts are your best bets as they contain omega fatty acids, closely followed by almonds. Though use moderation since they are known to have lots of calories.

Omega Meats

Go high on fatty fishes as they have the highest content of Omega fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 which are known to have magical benefits when it comes to cholesterol. So start loving your salmons and sardines for they are your heart’s new best friends.

Control Your Salts

Avoid having extra salt in your meals. Sometimes the problems of cardiovascular ailments come clubbed together. Salt increases the pressure levels and increases occurrence of hypertension. These when clubbed with cholesterol levels can be lethal for our heart.

Drink in Moderation

Avoid over indulging when it comes to drinks. A drink a day is allowable but heavy drinking reverses the benefits of the one allowable drink. Heart friendly drink includes red wine. Red wine is made out of high fibre red grapes and is therefore a preferred choice over malts.

Indulge in Black Tea

Drinking tea also improves your lipid profile. So while the anti oxidant in tea fights cancer possibilities in our body, liquor black tea is a good to keep the heart healthy.

Go Bitter on Chocolates

Dark and bitter sweet chocolate is a better alternative to milk chocolate when it concerns the matters of the heart. It has thrice the amount of antioxidants and prevents the clogging of arteries by not allowing platelets to stick together.

Eat Garlic

Garlic is a magic ingredient in our kitchens. It prevents blood clots, balances blood pressure and is most effective when it comes to clear accumulation of cholesterol plaque along the arterial walls. About two to four cloves consumed in a day is all it takes.

Healthy Lifestyle Above Everything Else

Nothing beats a good lifestyle when it comes to our body health. So avoid habits like smoking which is known to deplete our body’s store of good cholesterol. Try to exercise regularly. If not intense workout, then at least 45 minutes of walking everyday. This will ease out the stress and give you a good night’s sleep.

Leading a healthy life and a controlled and measured intake of food will not only help our heart but also the rest of our body.