Some of us might thing that lady’s finger is a vegetable and hence it has no such good impact in our health. But recent surveys prove that vegetables like lady’s finger help us to stay healthy and lead a well balanced life as it low in calorie, free from fat and are also rich in nutrients.

10 Health Benefits Of Lady’s Finger

1. Prevents Diabetes

People with blood sugar in their body are affected positively when they eat lady’s finger. The level of dietary fibres is very high in this vegetable which helps the diabetics to maintain the level of glucose in their blood by slowing down the absorption of intestinal sugar.

2. Prevents Asthma

The vitamin C that is present in lady’s finger helps to fight asthma. Thus people who are already affected by asthma will find that there is reduction in some symptoms like wheezing by including lady’s finger in their every day diet. Lady’s finger is a natural remedy for asthma and thus people suffering from asthma will find consuming it to be very effective.

3. Prevents Liver Diseases

Daily consumption of lady’s finger will help you to get rid of diseases related to your liver. It helps in the cleansing of the liver and thus protects the body form liver diseases. It also helps in detoxification of the liver and prevents fats from getting accumulated in the liver.

4. Helps In Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight then the easiest and effective way is to include lady’s finger in your daily diet. This vegetable is so very low in calorie and sodium that it will help you to get rid of excess body weight. The dietary fibres that are present in lady’s finger helps to manage weight and thus help obese people.

5. Helps In Having A Great Skin

Lady’s finger helps in having a healthy skin. Vitamin C that is present in lady’s finger will help you to a have a healthy skin and will help you to look young and fresh. It also helps in the rejuvenation of that skin which is already damaged. Moreover, iron that is present in high level in lady’s finger increases haemoglobin production which helps to maintain a good and healthy skin. The blood circulation is also improved when you start consuming lady’s finger every day and thus your skin glows and shines more.

6. Good For Eyesight

Lady’ finger contains good amount of vitamin A which is very essential for maintaining good eyesight. Thus by consuming lady’s finger daily, you will not only be able to have healthy eyes but will also be able to prevent eye problems like cataract and glaucoma.

7. Helps In Growth Of Hair

Hair growth is enhanced once you start eating lady’s finger daily. This vegetable increases the circulation of blood that enhances growth of hair. It also improves hair problems like drying of the hair, loss of hair and dandruff. You can also wash your hair every day with the water of lady’ s finger and lemon juice to get rid of hair related problems and have a healthy and shiny hair.

8. Helps In Proper Functioning Of The Digestive System

Lady’s finger is very essential for helping the digestive system to function properly. Once you start consuming lady’s finger, your digestion will be improved to a large extent as your bowel movements will be regularised. It also prevents stomach ulcer by protecting the digestive tract.

9. Prevents Heart Disease

People with cardiovascular diseases are benefited to a large extent as the dietary fibres that are present in lady’s finger helps in lowering of serum cholesterol thus reducing the risk of different heart diseases associated with it. Moreover the cholesterol level in the blood is also reduced by regulating the production of intestinal bile.

10. Helps During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should include lady’s finger in their daily diet as it contains high levels of folates that promotes healthy growth and development of foetus at the time of pregnancy. Thus consumption of lady’s finger during pregnancy will help a woman to grow and maintain new cells in her body.

Having a well balanced diet is very essential to maintain a healthy life. Thus by including lady’s finger in your daily diet you will be to stay healthy and will be benefitted in a lot of positive ways.