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Down and Out

More men are taking steps to rebuild their testosterone levels. But what does it mean to have Low T?

Down and Out

Potions and magic elixirs promising to make us feel young, vital and energetic again have been making the rounds for generations, and it’s easy to see why: What middle-aged person wouldn’t want to be able to take a pill and feel like they did when they were a teenager?

Over the past decade, a new kind of promise — low testosterone treatments — have taken the appeal of a veritable “fountain of youth” to a new, medically supported level. Splashy ad campaigns featuring slouchy middle-aged men being suddenly transformed into hunky, surfboard-riding daredevils are all over television (especially during televised sports) and in newspapers, magazines and on the radio and the internet.

But does the hype surrounding low testosterone (or Low T) treatments amount to merely another way to separate aging men from their money, or is it the result of scientific research that indicates men are suffering from low levels of testosterone at epidemic levels? And even more important, are the treatments safe or even needed?

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