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Saving the Best … For Later

For healthy, full-term pregnancies, 39 weeks is the magic number

On Sunday, April 27, thousands of Houstonians will walk the five-mile “March for Babies.”  Some of those walkers will be on Team UTHealth, which includes the very caregivers of babies Brice and Brielle Mann, twins born perilously early at just 25 weeks and weighing less than a pound. “They were so small, we had to fold their diapers in half,” says their father, Bruce Mann.

Both babies struggled in those first crucial months of their lives. After more than five months in neonatal intensive care, Brielle ultimately lost her fight — dying of necrotizing enterocolitis, a serious, and sometimes deadly, gastrointestinal disease that affects premature infants. Brice made it through three more months of tubes, beeping monitors and kangaroo care to finally come home.

Now, more than two years later, Brice is a healthy and happy toddler. And after having endured the most difficult experience of their lives, Bruce Mann and his wife, Abbie, find comfort in their faith and in their son’s survival.

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