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Better With Age

More durable implant makes for longer-lasting hip replacements

When Mark Contrestano of San Antonio started feeling pain in his left hip, he knew it might be something serious. He has been a senior sales representative for a large medical device company for 25 years and knows a thing or two about human anatomy. 

Contrestano had a small harmless tumor (lipoma) midway down his anterior thigh that ached when he rode his recumbent bike. He attributed this pain to that lipoma after talking with his mother who had had one removed a few years back. 

His 95-year-old mother would walk two to three miles daily and experienced pain in her right anterior thigh until she had her lipoma removed. After surgery, that area never bothered her again while walking. 

One day last April, Contrestano, 54, was surprised when his hip began snapping while hitting a golf ball and subsequently started to come out of the socket, he says.

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